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What makes us different?

Know why we are creating an Impact

FMT Token holders get Early Supporter Slot and a preferred price for all token sales

With FMT Tokens staked, you can Invest in all the Token Sales in Finminity as a preferred investor, before it is opened to public sale

Yield Farming integrated in business model

The amount you have invested is not given to the company rightaway. It is kept in the Escrow by Custodian Contract and you get Interest on that amount based on your staked tokens

Governance rewards for token holders who have staked their tokens

As companies put resolutions for Voting (e.g. Payment Milestones, Decisions), FMT token holders can contribute to the governance and vote using Finminity DAO and earn

Integrated Liquidity Pairs in Uniswap provides ongoing token demand and appreciation

Every company doing token sale has to set aside fixed liquidity of Finminity token pairs when listing on exchange, thereby ensuring a constant demand of our tokens.

Companies that are issuing token now

Every company on our platform is selected through a detailed evaluation process by our analysts & investor community.

Finminity Finance is a Software Platform marketed and operated by Finminity Limited BVI. For any support queries about the platform you can send email to [email protected] or connect through Chat

To know more about our company, visit our Corporate Website